Taking Flood Resilience to the Community in the Lake District

As a member of the Business Emergency Resilience Group (BERG), Adler & Allan continues to help communities and businesses affected by the winter flooding. They provide free advice of how to help homeowners and business owners to protect themselves in the event of future flooding events.

One of the ways we’re supporting local communities and businesses is through our Collaboration Unit. This mobile unit, developed by Adler & Allan in partnership with BITC (Business In The Community), offer businesses a place to work in the immediate aftermath of a flood and bring Flood Resilience expertise and information about the Grants and support on offer straight to the heart of a community as it recovers from flooding.

One of the units has opened for business in Kendal, Cumbria, an area badly hit by Storms Desmond and Eva. Situated in the ASDA supermarket car park in Kendal, visitors are able to get advice and information on the Government’s Property Level Resilience Grants. These grants, up to £5,000, are available to help businesses and homeowners improve their properties’ flood resilience measures. Visitors can also see Flood Resilience products and discuss them with Flood specialists.

Mark Calvert, CEO of Adler & Allan and a member of the Leadership Team of BERG, speaking from Kendal said, “We see first hand the devastation that flooding causes through our Flood Response services and work with BERG, and it is essential that communities and businesses have access to support and advice on the ground, when and where they need it.

Our mobile Collaboration Unit offers a lifeline to businesses and residents who need to deal with the impact of a flood, but may have no phone or internet access, as well as businesses that need to trade despite a flood event.

After the clean-up, it’s imperative that we get the information out to those affected about the help that is on offer to improve their properties’ flood resilience. The government grants and local support can really make a difference and thanks to ASDA generously allowing us to set up in their car park, we’re able to get that information out to large numbers of local residents and business owners who can benefit from it.”

For more information on the services that Adler and Allan provide, please click here.

For more information on the Government’s Property Level Resilience Grants, please visit www.bitc.org.uk/bergfloodfunding.

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Featured image: unnamed by Girish Gopi | CC BY 2.0