Insurance as Maladaptation 

Paul O’Hare from  Manchester Metropolitan University, has partnered with Iain White (University of Waikato) and Angela Connelly (University of Manchester) to create a research paper which reviews whether insurance can be considered as a form of maladaptation.

In a world where developments are ever more reliant on insurance in order to remain operational at the risk, the potential for future developments to become far too reliant on this insurance is a very real possibility. In order to assess the risk of this to industry, O’Hare et al. (2015) analyses the use of insurance as risk management strategy through the use of a “business as usual” approach. The paper discusses how insurance demonstrates a form of maladaptation and the fundamental contradictions that it provides as a form of resilience.

To read the abstract and access the full article online, please click here.


Image: Insurance by Jake Rustenhoven | CC BY 2.0