Impact of the Property Resilience Action Plan on Scotland

This workshop will examine how the Action Plan will impact on property flood resilience in Scotland. This free, half-day event will be held at the BRE Innovation Park in Ravenscraig near Motherwell on 16th February 2017.

Property Level Resilience (PLR) aims to make people and their property less vulnerable to physical and mental impacts of flooding.  Actions that can be taken include installing flood doors; flood barriers; air brick covers; pointing or water proofing brickwork, install non-return valves and moving vulnerable features such as sockets above floor level.  Properties need a package of measures, some of which prevent water entering a house and others that minimise the impact should water enter the house, speeding up the recovery process.

In the winter of 2015/16 around 1,000 homes and businesses were impacted directly by floodwater in Scotland.  The repair and recovery process is still underway.

There is still relatively low uptake in Scotland, people at high flood risk are not routinely installing resilience measures in their homes and businesses.

Peter Bonfield, CEO of BRE, was asked to chair a business Roundtable.  He invited a range of experts to join him who were well placed to use their skills and experience to innovate and find ways to incentivise the uptake of property flood resilience by consumers.  Members took a proactive and collaborative approach with five task groups addressing the following:

  • increasing uptake of the property level resilience grant following Storms Desmond and Eva, and to learn from this experience;
  • embedding resilience in the insurance business and in day-to day for Small and Medium Enterprises -(SMEs) at flood risk;
  • improving the sharing of information on resilience measures, specifically through developing a one-stop shop web portal;
  • developing the skills and standards necessary to deliver property level resilience measures to a consistently high and well understood standard;
  • addressing the communications and behavioural challenges that hamper uptake of property level resilience measures.

The Action Plan Report was launched in October 2016, this event will address how the report and ongoing tasks will impact on Scotland, and how other initiatives in property level resilience can be integrated.  Members of the Roundtable will set out what has been achieved to date and future actions.


10.00  Registration and Refreshments

10.30  Intrduction to the Property Flood Resilience Action Plan: Dr Peter Bonfield, BRE

10.40  Flooding and property resilience in Scotland: Debi Garft, Scottish Government         

10.55  Action to assist flood victims: Joey Tabone, BITC            

11.10  Embedding resilience in small businesses: Ian Gibb, Sergon

11.25  Standards, certification and skills: Dr Stephen Garvin, BRE

11.40  Flood resilience one-stop-shop: Eliot Beeby, BRE

11.45  The Action Plan and Property Resilience in Scotland: Workshop

12.30  Summary and closing remarks


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