Flood Toolkit

Northamptonshire County Council’s Flood Toolkit website also provides free guidance for Homeowners, Business Owners, Land Owners and Communities. These links direct the user to interactive info graphics that show what can be done to help protect your property from flooding and where each of these measures can be installed.

If you are not sure exactly what role your local council should be playing in flood prevention where you live then take a look at the Flood Toolkit website to see what Northamptonshire County Council’s key responsibilities are. If you are not sure which authority is in charge of your area, you can find your local council online for free.

For direct information guides for homeowners, the Flood Toolkits’s ‘Reduce the impact of flooding on your home’ guide from this link. If you have a business that has been affected by flooding recently, the advice guide, ‘Flood Advice for businesses’ details exactly what you can do to help minimise future flood damage.

You can find access to all of their “How to…” guides by clicking here.

For the Flood Toolkit’s full flood guidance library, please click here.


Additional Resources:

Flood Toolkit – Reduce impact of flooding