Flood Resilient Repair Project

Repairing properties using flood resilient techniques and materials can help to reduce flood damage and speed the recovery process, although the uptake of flood resilient measures in the UK has so far been limited. The project itself was recently showcased in its current form through a series of Flood Resilient Repair awareness events held at the BRE Watford site.

The Resilient House project

BRE has worked closely with the industry on the design, specification and construction of the demonstration, which has ensured that the most appropriate measures have been showcased – based on the collective experience of experts in this field and on the latest approaches and innovations. The culmination of this work is represented in the resilient house unit in the Victorian Terrace building which forms part of the BRE Innovation Park. The house will demonstrate the applicability and functionality of several flood resilient technologies that can be applied to domestic properties as part of the retrofit process.

‘There are an estimated 5.2 million homes considered at risk from surface, river and coastal flooding. Preventative measures play a key role but given the scale of our vulnerability, we need to think more practically about flooding and start to adapt to ‘living with water’ says Stephen Garvin, Director of the BRE Centre for Resilience. So fitting a house with resilient technologies and testing its ability to bounce back from water ingress is the first step on this journey.’

Upon completion, this project will exhibit how resilient design and property innovation can assist householders to hopefully restrict damage and recover quicker from a flood event.

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