How to prepare your home for a flood

  • Find out your flood risk
  • If your home is at risk, make a flood plan
  • If your home is at risk, sign up for EA Flood Warnings by phone/text and check the online flood warnings regularly. Sign up for free text or email alerts – from the EA or SEPA – if your home is it risk of flooding. For England and Wales flood alerts, please click here. For flood alerts in Scotland, please click here. If you prefer to sign up by phone (rather than online) call Floodline on 0345 988 1188.


Live online flood warnings

Real time flood warnings can be found online for England, Wales and Scotland. These highlight the locations of each warning, the water course that is affected and the severity of the warning at the given location.

There are three severity levels for these alerts:

  1. Alert – this is the lowest level. Simply check your home’s flood plan / flood kit and continue to monitor for further warnings.
  2. Warning – the second level of the online flood warning system. Upon receiving this warning in your area, you should ensure all defences are in place on the property and move valuables to a safe place where they will not be affected by floodwater.
  3. Severe Warning – If a severe warning has been placed on your home, there is a significant threat to human life. In this circumstance, it is advised that you evacuate the property immediately and move to higher ground. Remember you can call 999 if there is any danger to human life.
  • Make sure that you have full home flood cover on your buildings/contents insurance.
  • Keep on top of basic maintenance work that keeps your home watertight (or encourage your landlord to do so if this type of work falls to him).
    • Repair the seals between the window and door frames and brickwork and ensure there are no gaps.
    • Repoint the external brickwork, if this is damaged. Age often leads to cracks, sections dropping away and greater porosity. Repointing will correct these defects.
  • Consider putting in flood resistance measures or flood resilience measures. More information is available here.

See the video below for information on how to protect your home from flooding.