Communities Living Sustainably

Recent publication of the ‘Communities Living Sustainably (CLS): Key findings Report’ and the ‘CLS: Climate Resilience Information Directory’ report have demonstrated a further step for community resilience. These reports identify the opportunities for community groups, how they can thrive in a sustainable environment and the potential challenges they may face in doing this.

This £12 million funding programme connects various industry partners: Groundworks UK, the Energy Saving Trust, the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens, the New Economics Foundation and the Building Research Establishment (BRE). The main goal of this programme is to “learn how best to empower and support communities to live in a sustainable way and cope with the impact of climate change”. The CLS Website gives further background information regarding this project and its deliverables. Both reports are available in PDF form at the bottom of this page.

The key findings report gives clear details on the outcomes from the completion of BIG Lottery’s Communities Living Sustainably project. This research report assesses how the community groups involved within this project can demonstrate their commitment to non-hierarchical climate adaptation. Lessons learned through the completion of this research are also included in this key findings document.

The Climate Resilience Information Directory firstly outlines what climate resilience is and what aspects fall under this category. This report also outlines a series of online tools and services that are available to communities that are looking to develop in a sustainable manner. A series of key contacts that may also be able to provide assistance for this are available within this report. Finally case study analysis shows exactly what some communities around the UK have done, and what the barriers to resilience were for these communities.


These reports can be downloaded below:

CLS: Key Findings Report

CLS: Climate Resilience Information Directory


Image: Sustainability by Kyle MacKenzie | CC BY 2.0