Residential Property, Horseforth, Leeds

After being affected by flooding events in the past due the adjacent River Aire, one homeowner installed several barriers around all patio doors and low windows to prevent floodwater entering his home. However during the December 2015 flooding events, these flood barriers failed as the water level unfortunately over-topped the installed barriers – until this point, no water had entered the property.

Following this, the owner installed several of the listed resilience measures into the home as well including a cavity wall drainage system, waterproof flooring, walling and insulation as well as a sump pump system. If these flood resistance measures are ever over-topped again in the future, the damage to the home will be significantly reduced. Below (left) you can see the waterproof flooring the owner has put in place; the skirting board can be un-clipped for easy removal to prevent them from being washed away during a flood. A demonstration of flood resistant airbricks can also be seen (below right), these are passive flood measures that prevent floodwater entry into the property but also provide ventilation beneath the floor.

fleet thro road


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