2016 Royal Charter International Research Award BuroHappold Resilience Insight 12 Cities Assessment

BuroHappold were joint winners of the 2015 Royal Charter International Research Award presented by the BRE Trust and Worshipful Company of Constructors. Their research focused on developing a resilience framework (Resilience Insight) and applying this approach to twelve cities around the world.

The 12 global cities considered as case studies are Bristol, Detroit, Dhaka, Glasgow, Hong Kong, London, Manchester, Miami, Mumbai, New York, Riyadh and Sao Paulo.

The ambition behind developing the BuroHappold Resilience Diagnostic was to enable cities to create holistic resilience strategies that are capable of taking into account the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of city systems. Its aim was always to enable city leaders to see the interdependencies that exist within their city and allow greater understanding by measuring resilience. The tool provides a baseline from which progress can be measured and actions and their impact can be assessed. From this initial baseline assessment, key risks and issues can be identified and prioritised.

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Featured image: City by reynermedia | CC BY 2.0 (cropped)